I have been writing blog posts for Keane’s blog, which they use to generate leads. I helped them to re-focus their content strategy by moving them away from simple instructional blogs about malpractice, to content that their clients would be more compelled by: advances in medical research, medical technology, and pop culturally-relevant health topics.


NFL Keane Image

“Head Injuries are a Bigger Problem for the NFL than Just CTE”


Medical Marijuana

“Marijuana and Malpractice?”




Laptop With Telemedicine Doctor Screen On Wooden Desk At Home. B

“Some Recent Trends in Telemedicine”




Lux is an innovative health and wellness start-up that builds infinite space environments to aid meditation practice. I conducted research and interviews to write profiles of company visits to the following companies:




An international Bon Buddhist monastery and retreat center.


Recently purchased by the Hyatt Group, Miraval Resort and Spa is one of the highest-grossing resorts in the country.